Text Talk: Robust Vocabulary Instruction for grades K-3Text Talk®: Robust Vocabulary Instruction for grades K-3
Read-Aloud Text

 Read-Aloud Text

Each Text Talk lesson plan begins with a teacher-led read-aloud using a high-quality trade book. Outstanding children's literature includes captivating new titles and read-aloud classics. Text Talk authors Drs. Isabel Beck and Margaret McKeown personally selected each title to maximize vocabulary and comprehension learning.

Text Talk books were selected to include:
"Learning in rich contexts is valuable for vocabulary learning." — National Reading Panel
Robust Words
The text of each book includes words that are “just-right” for vocabulary instruction.

Rich Concepts
Books provide just enough conceptual challenge to require students to actively construct meaning.

Balance of Text and Illustration
Each story is told with rich and engaging text that carries the story meaning, plus illustrations that confirm text comprehension.

Level A Titles
Grades K – 1

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Level B Titles
Grades 1 – 2

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Level C Titles
Grades 2 – 3

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