WiggleWorks® Grades K-3 Beginning Reading and Writing Technology
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Program Overview

WiggleWorks combines today’s best thinking about how children learn to read and write with the power of software to create an innovative model for instruction—a model designed to support young learners in their reading, writing, listening, and speaking development. WiggleWorks provides instruction in the five key areas of Reading First: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension; as well as numerous writing activities both on the software and offline.

Flexible enough to complement any core reading program, the blend of technology, literature, and teacher support in WiggleWorks helps ensure all children succeed academically.

Powerful Technology Leveled Books Instructional Materials
WiggleWorks Includes Powerful Technology for Grades K–3 Powerful Technology
The WiggleWorks software presents interactive books with scaffolded reading support and engaging activities bundled into two editions: Edition PreK–1 and Edition 2–3. Each Edition comes with 42 interactive books and the WiggleWorks Manager. Learn More
WiggleWorks Includes Leveled Books for Grades K–3 Leveled Books
The WiggleWorks literature and nonfiction collection includes multiple copies in paperback of the 84 English titles included in the software. Each title is also accompanied by an audiobook CD with full narration. Learn More
WiggleWorks Includes Instructional Materials and Teacher Support Instructional Materials
WiggleWorks provides teachers with the necessary tools to effectively manage their classrooms, including teaching support for each leveled book, a comprehensive teacher’s guide, and a unique management system.Learn More