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WiggleWorks sets the standard for beginning-reading software with an award-winning blend of technology, literature, and teacher support. WiggleWorks provides leveled reading practice, built-in instruction, and motivation for students to engage in reading and writing.

Powerful Technology Leveled Books Instructional Materials
Technology Motivates Students to Learn to Read and Write
The WiggleWorks software provides each student with a unique scaffolded learning experience. Each WiggleWorks title is available on the computer with support options for every child, no matter what his or her instructional needs. Built-in tools and activities support children’s developing phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills.

Every interactive WiggleWorks book offers the following five activity areas:
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Read Aloud
Children become acquainted with the book while developing their decoding and tracking skills. Students hear the book read aloud and actively read along with the narrator. Accompanying graphics, music, and sound effects enhance students’ reading comprehension.
The options in the Read area help children focus on text structure and meaning of the book. Students build fluency and comprehension as they practice reading the story on their own. They can select words to save for later use in follow-up phonics, vocabulary, or writing activities.
Students respond to the book with their own writing and illustration. As they write, students can access Story Words, preselected vocabulary words, or words they’ve saved in their My Words list, as well as sentence starters. They can hear their writing read aloud by a narrator or can record their own expressive narration.
My Book
A complete blackline version of the book is available for students to modify and print. Students can change both the text and illustrations to create their own version of the story with a new ending, setting, or character. They can also listen to a narrator read their version back to them.
Magnet Board
Children build phonics skills and increase their phonemic awareness as they explore letters and sounds. Special tools let students highlight specific word parts and focus on certain letter and sound combinations. Teachers can record direction for a specific phonics activity on the Magnet Board and ask students to save their work for review.
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Engaging Nonfiction and Literature at “Just-Right” Reading Levels

Research shows that the “just-right” level of a book is essential for building students’ reading abilities and motivating students to read more books. Leveled books and their interactive versions are at the core of the WiggleWorks program.

WiggleWorks Includes Leveled Books for Grades K–3

The 84 WiggleWorks titles are a rich collection that introduces children to a range of genres, such as realistic fiction, nonfiction, and folktales. In addition, 30% of the collection is nonfiction. Each edition comes with six copies of each English title that is included in the WiggleWorks software.

WiggleWorks Title List Grades PreK–1 (PDF)
WiggleWorks Title List Grades 2–3 (PDF)

The WiggleWorks books have been leveled using the Guided Reading Leveling System. In addition, level correlations to DRA, Success for All, Reading Recovery, Stages of Reading, the Lexile Framework® for Reading, and DPR Text are also included in the Teacher’s Guide. Learn More about Reading Level Correlations

Working with the appropriately leveled books and corresponding interactive version, students are well equipped to build on their essential reading skills—phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Effective Classroom Management Tools
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Software Manager
The WiggleWorks software contains a unique management system. The WiggleWorks Manager allows teachers to coordinate student rosters, monitor student progress, modify program options for individuals or groups of students, and review and print data-driven reports.
Teaching Plans
Four pages of teaching strategies are provided for each leveled book to support all areas of reading instruction required by Reading First. These teaching plans include support for teaching with technology to develop reading and writing skills.
Teacher’s Guide
The WiggleWorks Teacher’s Guide provides teachers with a comprehensive program overview, detailed management instruction, and easy-to-follow assessment guidelines.
Assessment Tools
WiggleWorks contains computer-based initial placement and continuous assessment instruments that are linked to the software management system. The Teacher’s Guide contains a variety of assessment tools and strategies, including diagnostic assessments, informal assessments, observations, surveys, and conferencing.
Classroom Poster
The classroom poster provides teachers and students with a visual list of the WiggleWorks interactive library. The poster is easy to use and allows students to select appropriate texts.
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