WiggleWorks® Grades K-3 Beginning Reading and Writing Technology
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Scaffolded Instruction WiggleWorks Helps All Beginning Learners

WiggleWorks is designed to support the needs of all young learners. The program provides specific features to meet the needs of all students, including struggling readers, on-level readers, above-level readers, students with special needs, and English Language Learners.

With WiggleWorks, children can:

  • Practice, record, and listen to their own reading
  • Collect words to use in their writing
  • Write and draw their own responses to the books
  • Write their own books by personalizing the text
  • Access reading support by clicking entire passages, phrases, or individual works, and hearing them read
  • Gain fluency and confidence with English–language texts
  • Explore words and review phonics with the Magnet Board
  • Use built-in tools designed to ensure every child can access the books
  • Struggling Readers
    Children are exposed to books and begin to build tracking, decoding, and fluency skills as they read along with professional narrators.
  • On-Level Readers
    Students are exposed to interactive and print versions of the “just-right” level of book to offer enough of a challenge and motivate students to continue reading.
  • Above-Level Readers
    Gifted and talented students enjoy innovating on text to create their own versions of books to share with other students and their families.
  • Students with Special Needs
    WiggleWorks supports students with special needs through text, graphics, speech, sounds, and customizable access features.
  • English Language Learners
    English Language Learners benefit from hearing stories multiple times, hearing new words repeated, and seeing pictures that make words more meaningful.