WiggleWorks® Grades K-3 Beginning Reading and Writing Technology
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WiggleWorks en Español
Authentic Spanish Language, Literature, and Technology for Spanish-Speaking Students

All students, including English Language Learners, are able to develop reading, writing, and language skills with WiggleWorks. The carefully leveled books, software, audiobook CDs, and teaching materials help English Language Learners build fluency. The Spanish–literature collection features books by Latino authors such as Alma Flor Ada, Ximena de la Piedra, and Margarita Gonzales-Jensen.

Using WiggleWorks, English Language Learners can:

  • Hear stories and some unfamiliar words read aloud repeatedly—proven to be an effective strategy for building vocabulary.
  • Generate individual word lists.
  • See text highlighted word by word or line by line, increasing print awareness.
  • Use story starters to encourage written responses to stories.

24 interactive Spanish-language books are included in the WiggleWorks software. The leveled books, audiobook CDs, and teaching plans are available to supplement instruction.

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