Download Instructions

Download a free demo of Tom Snyder Productions' ® TimeLiner and a Space Exploration timeline.

1. Click on the button below for your computer system and follow the instructions. Make sure you pay attention to where you save the file.

2. Go to where you saved the file on your computer. For windows, the file is called "" Click on this file and a dialog box will ask you if it is okay to unzip the demo; press "OK." Now, a folder called TimeLiner 5.0 Demo will appear. This means you have successfully installed the demo. For MAC, the file is called TimeLiner Demo Install.sea. Double-click and press Continue, then follow the instructions provided.

3. Once the TimeLiner demo is installed, it is time to download the Space Exploration timeline. Click on the appropriate button below and follow the instructions. Again, make sure you pay attention to where you save the file.

4. Click on the TimeLiner icon to open the program.

5. Click the start button and then click on the "Open a Timeline" button.

6. Find the Space Exploration file. For Windows it is called "space_exploration.tl5." For Macs, it is called "space_exploration.bin" and you are ready to go!


Download Timeliner 5.0 Demo

Download the Space Exploration Timeline for Timeliner 5.0


A Word About What You're Downloading:
Macintosh files have been compressed in a self-extracting BinHex (.hqx) format. You may need to decompress them with Stuffit Expander or an equally capable program. For more information on Stuffit Expander and decompressing files, visit the Aladdin Systems, Inc.-Stuffit Expander page.

Windows files are in self-extracting zip format, so you only have to run them from within Windows and they will unstuff automatically!

For more information on how to purchase TimeLiner 5.0, please visit the software specialty area in the Scholastic Teacher Store.