Our Approach:

After over 95 years of working with educators, we’ve honed a holistic approach to system-wide achievement that is centered on effective student learning and grounded in 3 important beliefs:

1. Every district and school must build a solid foundation in literacy and math.
2. All levels of education organizations must focus on improving teacher and leader effectiveness.
3. Students, families, staff and the community must be engaged in order to establisha culture of success.

These beliefs drive our work in helping educators implement research-based curriculum programs, coaching teachers and leaders to make sustainable change, and monitoring all progress with meaningful data.

Our Approach
Implementing Curriculum Programs

No one has a greater track record than Scholastic for developing literacy and math programs that give teachers and students their best chance at success. Still, with varying levels of teacher preparedness, we all know that teachers need support in the form of ongoing professional learning. SAP, including Scholastic and Math Solutions, has been helping educators successfully implement assessments and curriculum programs for over almost 50 years.

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Our Approach
Coaching Teachers & Leaders

Every teacher and leader can benefit from the guidance of a great coach, just like every student can benefit from the instruction and care of a great teacher. We believe the most important element of a viable professional learning plan is the ongoing support of a coach, who is trusted and experienced in helping teachers and leaders succeed. Whether it’s individual or group-based coaching, virtual or face-to-face coaching, we use a student-centered approach where evidence of student learning is most important.

Our Approach
Mining & Analzying Data

They say if you can measure it, you can improve it. We believe that an effective professional learning plan is grounded in data and the success of the plan is dependent on consitent data collection and understanding. A truly comprehensive data picture incorporates classroom observations, interviews, and surveys. Our philosophy is that our work should constantly provide you with a clear picture of what’s happening in your schools, and to adjust the course as needed, allowing us to continually focus together on what matters most – student learning.