We recognize that every district and school has its own unique DNA, therefore, we begin each engagement with a proprietary needs assessment to craft custom solutions based on a district's specific needs.  Guided by the 5 Principals for Sustainable School Improvement, a research-based theory of action, we partner with districts to build a plan with the goal of creating change that is scalable and sustainable.

  • 1

    Start with a Plan, Grounded in Data, and Monitor Relentlessly

  • 2

    Build a Rock-Solid Foundation in Literacy & Math

  • 3

    Align All Systems Around Teacher and Leader Effectiveness

  • 4

    Implement a College– and Career–Ready Curriculum

  • 5

    Engage Students, Families, Staff, and the Community in a Culture of Success


Transforming to Next Generation Curriculum & instruction in
San Jacinto United School District.


Educators nationwide agree on the urgent need to raise the bar on student achievement to prepare them for successful futures. Every state is increasing the rigor of standards and the expectations of assessments.

This requres transforming what is taught as well as how it is taught by:

  • Realigning grade-level expectations.
  • Increasing the rigor of instruction.
  • Ensuring all students are prepared to apply what they know.

To meet this challenge, teachers and leaders need deep awareness of the shifts, targeted professional learning, and personalized ongoing support. Thats where we come in.

Learn how Nextpert sets teachers up for success—on evaluations, in transforming instruction to the Common Core and Next Generation Assessments, and in preparing their students for successful futures.


We believe that a blended model is the most effective approach to professional learning.

This combines the impact of shoulder-to-shoulder interaction with experts - like job-embedded coaching and lesson modeling - with the flexible support of powerful online tools and resources.

Duncan Young, SAP Senior Vice President, walks through Scholastic Achievement Partners’ Blended Professional Learning System.