Our Services: Instructional Best Practices for All

Your teachers deserve nothing less than dynamic professional development that demonstrates the effective teaching that draws students in and motivates them to give it their all.

Our team will guide your English language arts, content area, and mathematics teachers through a high-impact professional learning system that addresses and helps implement the foundations of effective instruction needed in every classroom to ensure student achievement.

Instructional Best Practices for All

Create a Rigorous and Relevant Learning Environment

Developing a rigorous and relevant learning environment is the first step in building the foundation for academic success. We work with teachers to guide them toward identifying more rigorous and relevant learning experiences, understanding and building knowledge of the System for Effective Instruction, understanding how rigor, relevance, and relationships support the foundations of effective instruction, and developing action items for creating an engaging learning environment.

Instructional Best Practices for All

Use Data to Inform Instruction

Data can inform instruction and impact the strategies used in the classroom for engaging and supporting all students for success with new standards and assessments. Through a hands-on approach, we prepare teachers to reflect on data to guide instruction, cultivate a working definition of differentiation and scaffolding, create a learning progression to scaffold instruction, and develop tiered intervention activities to meet the needs of all students and ensure college and career readiness.

Instructional Best Practices for All

Create and Deliver Standards-Aligned Lessons

Understanding elements of effective instruction will assist in developing and delivering comprehensive standards-aligned lessons. Through a collaborative process, we will guide teachers in building engaging curriculum that purposefully connects standards, instruction, and assessment and deepens their knowledge of higher standards needed to design engaging learning activities that are linked to formative, interim, and summative assessments.

Instructional Best Practices for All

Create Supportive Learner Environments

In developing and maintaining instructional effectiveness, it is essential to have the structures and strategies in place to create a professional learning environment that will support a sustained approach to rigor, relevance, and relationships for all students. Our professional learning system is designed to help teachers develop comprehensive lessons aligned to standards, establish goals and associated actions for professional growth, collaborate effectively with peers, and engage in professional dialogue focused on rigor, relevance, and relationships.