Our Services: Literacy Instruction

Literacy is the “gatekeeper” competency to all others. Proficient readers and writers enjoy increased achievement across all content areas. We’ll help you cultivate a school-wide culture of literacy where students read and discuss books, proclaim a love of reading in school initiatives, and yearn for more independent reading time.

With the right support and the best instructional practices, your faculty can create a thriving culture of literacy.

Literacy Instruction

Raising Reading Achievement

Raising reading achievement requires that teachers are equipped to deliver quality instruction throughout the literacy block. Our professional learning offerings in literacy are designed to help teachers learn and practice strategies for whole-class instruction that reach all students, establish small groups and target instruction, assess students and use that data to drive instruction, and help students attain independent reading success.

Literacy Instruction

Writing Across the Curriculum

More than ever, frequent academic writing across the curriculum is essential to increasing student learning and meeting today’s standards. We can help all educators learn to teach writing with a range of text types and purposes, assess student writing and plan for differentiated support, provide useful feedback, and target ongoing instruction.

Literacy Instruction

Quality Program Implementation

We have been at the forefront of improving literacy and math achievement for 95 years and know that good teachers are constantly learning, honing their skills, and getting better at their craft. Supporting them, as well as leaders and coaches, in this process is the key to success—and leads to improved program outcomes and a reduction in teacher turnover.

Our programs include built-in supports, but the most successful districts develop a long-term plan for in-classroom support in areas such as analyzing assessment data, monitoring fidelity of implementation, improving instructional practices, and using data to differentiate instruction.

Achieving whole-school and-district success in literacy and math is typically a multiyear process. And we can help.

Literacy Instruction

Supporting All Learners

Research has proven that one-size-fits-all teaching is not the best approach to helping all students achieve success. Establishing an RTI plan and helping all teachers differentiate instruction are at the heart of effective teaching and learning. Our resources and services are based on scientific research and proven teaching and learning strategies to help students of diverse cultural, linguistic, and academic backgrounds and abilities achieve in school and life.

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