Our Services: System-Wide Achievement

Improving student performance is the goal, rigorous instruction is the way, and our System for Effective Instruction (SEI) helps to make it happen. This framework facilitates a coherent focus across your entire education organization on the development and support of instructional effectiveness to improve student achievement. It guides all of the work we do in schools and districts nationwide—because when teachers and leaders share the same vision and receive the professional support they need, system-wide transformation is possible.

School leaders must
create a shared vision and culture for success, with
organizational systems aligned to support
student achievement.
Instructional priorities must be clearly defined, with data used in a systemic way to drive decision making, and ongoing opportunities for professional growth.

Teachers must have deep content knowledge and be armed with a powerful set of instructional strategies to drive student achievement.

System-Wide Achievement

Transitioning to New Standards

Educators nationwide agree on the urgent need to raise the bar for achievement and prepare students for college and career success. Schools across the country must realign curricula, increase rigor, and ensure that students are able to apply what they know in literacy and math. Teachers and leaders need deep awareness of the key instructional shifts, more targeted professional learning, and ongoing support to help ALL students meet higher expectations. Transformation of this magnitude is attainable . . . and that’s where we come in.

We meet you where you are and take you where you want to be with
support to . . .

Identify Needs and Build a Plan | Transform Curriculum and Instruction | Sustain Instructional Best Practices

System-Wide Achievement

System for Teacher Support

Despite the current emphasis on evaluative measures and compliance, we know your aim is to provide teachers with growth opportunities in support of the end goal: increasing student learning.

We help leaders by providing the right level of support to every teacher—no matter what evaluation framework is being used.

Our Collaborative Instructional Review process provides teachers with formative feedback, ensuring teacher growth and real impact on classroom practice. We look for proof of instructional effectiveness among both teachers and students, while measuring success along the way.

System-Wide Achievement

Nurture a Growth Mindset

School communities with a growth mindset know that with enough grit and determination, anything is possible—including greater motivation, better grades, and higher test scores.

Through our partnership with Mindset Works®, an organization founded by Dr. Carol Dweck, we’re perfectly positioned to help your leaders, teachers, students, and community.

Our professional learning provides educators with the knowledge and tools needed to embrace a growth mindset and support it in the classroom.