Our Services: Leadership Development

The work we do with leaders is built around the key areas of instructional and organizational leadership. Our leadership development services begin with a data-driven, system-wide situation analysis, during which our senior consultants work collaboratively with the leadership team to gather data from all stakeholders. We then create a shared vision and develop a tailored and systematic plan so everyone’s on board and all needs are met.

And we don’t stop here; we offer a range of services to continue the support—for both your own professional learning and your school reform efforts.

Leadership Development

Designing Organizations for Success

To achieve a focus on student achievement, the entire system—from central office to the classroom—must be aligned around common goals. Organizational leadership is key to ensuring this level of focus.

We partner with district and school leaders to ensure they are prepared to:

  • Create a culture of high expectations for all students
  • Communicate a shared vision to all stakeholders
  • Build instructional leadership by investing in and empowering key staff
  • Ensure systems and structures are in place that promote the established vision
  • Align teacher selection, support, and evaluation around student success
  • Facilitate the use of data to make instructional decisions

Leadership Development

Developing Instructional Leaders

For a school to achieve success, there has to be strong instructional leadership. Instructional leaders provide the expertise, content knowledge, and pedagogy to ensure everyone in the school is focused on student learning.

We help leaders:

  • Convey the urgency for change and build consensus around making academic success the priority
  • Integrate literacy and math across all disciplines
  • Collect and interpret data to inform the development of an actionable strategic plan

Leadership Development

Principles for Principals—
Lessons Learned the Hard Way

The importance of school leadership has never been greater. The skills principals need today—which span both instructional and organizational leadership—are learned in the hallways, classrooms, offices, and conference rooms of our schools.

Designed in collaboration with renowned principals, our comprehensive continuum of support for school leadership teams is practical, realistic, and highly relevant to today’s needs.

We help leaders to:

  • Empower their teams to focus on instruction as the key to student achievement
  • Build a plan, monitor relentlessly, and adjust quickly based upon data
  • Recognize, celebrate, and publicize success
  • Face resisters head on and have the hard conversations