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Don't know where to start? Try some of these story starters to fire up your imagination!

Ideas and Techniques

Memoirs from Photography
Is a picture really worth 1000 words? React to these photographs with your writing!

I Will Always Remember
Memories don’t come in complete sentences. So make a list of your most vivid memories!

Memoirs from Life
Answer the following prompts with memories from your life!

Writing in the First Person (PDF)
Learn about writing first person memoirs from the master, Frank McCourt!

Featured Author

"Writing a memoir does not entail much brainstorming for me. With 'Vueltas,' for instance, I simply followed the series of chronological events carbon-printed in my mind. I also tried to adopt the mentality of the child I was back then in order to convey my eight-year-old impression of the events while adding my current realizations."
—Jessica Colom
Read Jessica Colom’s award-winning memoir, "Vueltas."

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