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Dot your i's, cross your t's. Fine-tune your memoir by making sure all the nitty-gritty stuff is in order. While the following lessons on grammar and punctuation may seem obvious to some, serious writers take the mechanics of writing seriously!

Ideas and Techniques

Copyediting Marks (PDF)
Have a friend copyedit and proof your story like a pro!

Language Arts Survival Guide (PDF)
Review the nuts and bolts of how English works!

Punctuation Survival Guide (PDF)
Make sure you’ve used punctuation consistently and correctly!

Reality Grammar: Understanding Sentence Structure (PDF)
Know the rules before you break them!

Featured Author

“Given that I am my worst proof-reader, 'Vueltas' was proofread by a friend who could point out any grammatical errors or ineloquence in my writing.”
—Jessica Colom
Read Jessica Colom’s award-winning memoir, "Vueltas."

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