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Now that you’ve got some ideas to kick around, it’s time to start making choices. Check out the following exercises and tips to begin crafting the first draft of your memoir!

Ideas and Techniques

A Memory Exercise
Learn to craft memorable memories through this exercise!

Mapping Memories
Sometimes you have to see your memories before you can write them down. Follow your artistic instincts and map out your memories!

Modeling Memories
Read the following Write It Critics’ Picks and model your memoir after the one that speaks to you!

Sense Memory (PDF)
Draft vivid sensory descriptions with master writer Alexandra Fuller!


Featured Author

"Since through-out the years I have often reminisced on this childhood experience, it took me only two hours to write 'Vueltas' and then an hour to polish details here and there.”
—Jessica Colom
Read Jessica Colom’s award-winning memoir, "Vueltas."

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