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In order to take your draft to the next level, it’s important to see and hear it from new perspectives. It’s time to see it through new eyes!

Ideas and Techniques

See Your Memoir Through New Eyes
Have someone you trust read your story and provide you with written and verbal answers to the following questions.

Handling Feedback
Here are some important tips on how to give and receive feedback from others!

Sandwich Critique (PDF)
Assemble a peer review response that's honest and easy-to-swallow.

Finding Your Center
Every memoir has a center of gravity! Find yours!

Featured Author

“The core of the story was not modified in the second and final draft, which I used to refine the imagery in the first one, find synonyms for repeated words, and alter the syntax such that my sentences had the desired effect.”
—Jessica Colom
Read Jessica Colom’s award-winning memoir, "Vueltas."

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