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Truth and Fiction: A Memory Exercise

What does it mean to write a memoir? When writing down memories, where is the line between truth and fiction? Finally, what makes a memoir compelling?

Step 1: Write a detailed description of a real memory. Convince your reader that it really happened.

Step 2:  Write a detailed description of a constructed memory, something that never happened to you. Convince your reader that it really happened.

Step 3: Read your two memories, true and constructed, to a friend. When reading, try not to give away which of the two memories really happened.

Step 4: Ask your friend to identify which of the memories was true or constructed. Before revealing the truth, ask your friend to explain his or her reasoning.

Step 5: With the help of your reader, identify which of your two memories was most compelling? Why?

Step 6: Is there such thing as a “true memory?”

Step 7: What makes a memory stick in the reader’s mind? Drawing from this exercise, use what you’ve learned to draft a compelling memoir.

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