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Print Components

XBOOKS uses online and print components in an integrated, interactive program that builds students' proficiency in reading, writing, and thinking critically about informational text.

  • Strands and Lead Books

    XBOOKS is organized into five high-interest, science and social studies-themed strands. Each strand is anchored with a Lead Book.

  • Reader's Choice Books

    The three Reader's Choice Books in each strand can be used for independent or small-group reading. They provide further exploration of strand topics and opportunities for close reading.

  • Stretch Texts

    Five Stretch Texts per strand provide exposure to a variety of informational text types and opportunities for students to extend their knowledge and stretch their reading comprehension.

  • Reader's Guide Pages

    Three Reader's Guide pages per title provide students with a place to write as they preview the text, begin a Concept Map, cite text evidence for specific questions, and respond in writing to The Question posed at the end of each Preview.