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Xbooks online

Student Site

A user-friendly student web site provides an online locker for storage, helpful tools, and easy access to multimedia content and interactive features such as Class Chat and Quizzes.

Planets Intro Video Strand Books Quizzes Class Chat Projects My Stats Shortcuts Locker Take Notes

Intro Video

Students can access the Intro Videos from here.

Strand Books

Access any book in the strand, as well as related features such as the Preview Video and Quizzes.


Access all the quizzes in the strand from here

Class Chat

Respond to teacher posts and engage with classmates.


Leads to four project ideas per strand, each at a different level of difficulty.

My Stats

Students can get at-a-glance information about their progress in XBOOKS.


Provides easy access to books and book preview videos across the site.


An online storage area for students' work.

Take Notes

Students can take and save notes from any part of the website.