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Xbooks online

Teacher Site

The teacher website provides easy, centralized access to multimedia strand content, interactive features, resources and tools for teaching and managing strand lessons and students' work.

Each of the five strands has a home screen that is the launch point for the strand.

Planets Intro Video Lead Books Strand Books Stretch Texts Projects X-Challenge Settings Shortcuts Class Chat Vault Take Notes Experts

Intro Video

Presents an overview of the material covered in a strand.

Lead Books

Links to the Lead Book and related features, such as the Preview Video and Quizzes.

Strand Books

Links to the Readerís Choice Books.

Stretch Texts

Access Stretch Texts and related Comprehension Checks. Display Stretch Texts on the interactive whiteboard, print them, or send them to studentsí digital lockers.


Jumps to four project ideas per strand, each at a different level of difficulty.


A whole-class activity that tests students' strand knowledge.


Manage settings for students, classes, strands, and class chat.


Jump to any part of the site, and also access printable Reader's Guides.

Class Chat

Access online forums where teachers post prompts for students to discuss.


Monitor student work, write messages to students, view notepads, access Reporting to track student progress and more.

Take Notes

Take notes and store notes on strand notepads.


Links to additional information and professional development.