Workshops For Teachers and Leaders

To be effective, professional development must provide teachers with a way to directly apply what they learn to their teaching (AERJ Research Points, 2005). That is the goal of these workshops.

Lead by our Literacy Consultants and based on the latest research, these focused learning experiences are crafted to deepen teacher and administrator understanding of a specific topic or instructional strategy and provide tools to take back to their classrooms and schools.

Early Childhood & Family Engagement (Early Childhood/Pre-K)

Give early childhood educators tools to help them develop children’s foundation in reading, writing, and math as well as engage families and the community.

Guided/Leveled Reading (Grades K-6)

Whether just beginning to use Guided Reading or looking for ways to enhance instruction, these workshops offer a range of options to help teachers make Guided and Leveled Reading even more effective.

Independent Reading Practice (Grades K-12)

Learn strategies for building and growing effective classroom libraries and engaging all students in reading on their own.

Nonfiction/Content Area Reading (Grades K-12)

Most real-world reading is informational. These workshops offer strategies for teaching with nonfiction while building background and vocabulary, scaffolding content area instruction, and fostering inquiry and 21st century thinking skills.

Differentiated Instruction (Grades K-12)

Meeting the individual needs of students is essential but challenging. Support teachers with ideas for grouping based on data, managing lessons, and working with students wherever they are.

Common Core State Standards (Grades K-12)

Separate sessions for administrators and teachers allow each to understand the Common Core and how to implement these new Standards in their schools and classrooms.

Adolescent Literacy (Grades 4-12)

Strengthen adolescent readers and writers with workshops on how to build a classroom community, mediate critical discussions, re-engage males, and use mentor texts.