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The Shared Retelling Strategy Within the Assess-Decide-Guide Framework
—Jan Richardson and Ellen Lewis

About the Authors

Jan Richardson, Ph.D., is the bestselling author of The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading, an educational consultant, and a leading expert in guided reading with experience as a Reading Recovery® teacher leader, a staff developer, and a teacher of every grade—K–12.

Ellen Lewis, M.Ed., is author of The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading Study Guide as well as several children’s books, and a literacy consultant with more than three decades of literacy teaching experience as a reading teacher and Reading Recover® teacher.

Expert Idea

Shared Retelling

When a student finishes reading a story or a passage from a longer piece of fiction, a fast and efficient way to assess his or her comprehension is to ask for a shared retelling, following the steps on the Tip Sheet.

Retelling, a foundational comprehension strategy, helps students understand story and shows teachers how well students comprehend what they read.

Teach It

Tip Sheet Image

Download the Tip Sheet for ideas on how to teach shared retelling to students at home.

BHH flipbook image

Download the Shared Retelling Cards template.


Watch and Learn

Watch Jan use the shared retelling strategy with a group of early and transitional readers.

Watch Ellen work with a group of emergent-early readers as part of a RISE lesson. RISE is a reading intervention program developed by Jan and Ellen, based on Jan’s Next Step Forward in Guided Reading. See 6:46– 9:53 of the video to watch a shared retelling discussion.

In a remote lesson, Jan teaches the shared retelling strategy to a transitional reader.

Learn More

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